Learning to live in the way of Jesus in the context of International Geneva.

We are formed into Christ`s likeness by steps not leaps and bounds. This means that spiritual growth and maturity occurs as a life long process. As people come to faith in the work of Christ on the cross, they are invited into the mission of God in this world to renew all things—inaugurating a new world based on faith, hope, love, justice, peace and civility. Our aim is to be people who increasingly resemble Jesus in the way we worship, in our relationships, in our learning, and in the way we engage our world.

We long to be a place where

  • the bible is read,

  • truth sought,

  • mystery acknowledged,

  • compassion and justice embodied,

  • culture and arts engaged,

  • humility and understanding is sought

  • creativity and innovation fostered,

  • sharing the love of Christ is the great cause,

  • diversity and multi-ethnicity is embraced,

  • authenticity and community pursued,

  • and the grace of God is experienced.