We provide a welcoming place for people to experience community, to encounter christ, and to serve others.

 The Good-news of Jesus needs to be Felt, seen, tasted and heard. Over many centuries, Christians have made historic contributions to the advancement of culture for the common good.  Redeemer Grace Geneva takes seriously its responsibility to be a community that creates and cultivates culture.
As the church exposes and equips people to the needs and opportunities for good to advance in the world, the church becomes a hive of generative ideas, relationships, redemptive projects, and ventures that serve society and contribute towards human flourishing.


The church has a unique opportunity to convene, unite and distribute leaders with a common vision into every channel of culture. Q Commons, once a year we convene local people to think, learn, and work together on common topics and issues in our area. Our guests will hear presentations and have the opportunity to reflect and respond on ways they can collaborate and offer talent and resources to advance thinking and common good in our Lake Geneva area.


We see this as a great opportunity to collaborate with like-minded groups to engage with students, interns and young creatives within the Geneva region. 

How can any one remain interested in a religion which seems to have no concern with nine-tenths of his life?
— Dorothy Sayers