We exist to be a loving, christ-centered community through which god transforms lives in the wider geneva region and beyond. 

We want to play our part leading our generations into a transforming relationship with Jesus and experience authentic community. We dream of creating a community of people who live in the way of Christ in the context of  international Geneva. We want to value the traditions of the last 2000+ years of the people who follow Jesus, while passionately engaging with the present issues of our day and believe that God is redeeming, restoring and renewing all things.



Church can be an intimidating place to visit, especially if you don't know what to expect. We try to explain what we are about to do throughout the service and always bring what we are saying back to Jesus. We don't want to add the additional burden of insider language or impenetrable rituals. 

We invite you to experience what the Gospel means both intellectually and relationally at our Sunday morning Breakfast Worship Service and all our activities. 

You can engage with others as much as you want or remain anonymous if you prefer.