We are becoming...
Last Sunday we discussed how we are becoming a people in Community, based on Eph Chapter 2. The Church is not a loose theological association of truth, it is a covenant community where we are built with one another. It takes a body of people to express the heart of Jesus to the World.

People need to see Jesus embodied through the lives of the congregation living beautifully in community with one another. We believe your journey has been for an eternal purpose. We know God wants to use your story to truly reshape and restore the world in big and small ways.

It was great to share with each other about our hopes and the challenges that we might face as we press into God`s kingdom and allow His spirit to work in and through us. The church is ordinary people, setting out to follow Jesus, wherever He leads.  I love the idea of "building communities not crowds" That is just a fantastic biblical picture of what we are longing to be through the power of His Spirit.