Leadership Team

SOUL + JEANETTE MAGURA - Lead Pastor/Children's Ministry

Soul and Jeanette have lived and served in a local church within the Geneva region for 5 years.  They are excited about this new opportunity to give leadership to this new congregation in Geneva. They are married and have 2-year old twin boys Micah and Reuben. They both have vast experience working in the church for over two decades.  Soul has completed church planting training with the HTB London church planting network. 

They love talking about and enjoying, traveling, scandinavian design, sport, philosophy, jazz, community, entrepreneurship, food and politics and hanging out with friends.

Chuck Wilson - Direction/Preaching

Philip & Clare McMinn Mitchell. - Treasure/Preaching/Direction

Kelda & Thomas Weeks. - Worship/Prayer/Secretary

Martinette Barras.- Administration/Chair