Dear friends in Geneva

I am so excited about the new Geneva church plant led by Soul and Jeanette Magura. We have come to know them through our training courses here and through a connection with the HTB church family. 

Here in London we are passionate about church planting and we are seeing God use this ancient adventure again and again in our time. We are seeing old churches coming back to life, new churches established and planted in new places, connecting with people who are far from God, and more and more people discovering the amazing abundant life that Jesus brings! We are seeing church plants of all kinds being established in every part of the city because we want every person to be within reach of a church that they can relate to. God is doing something new in the UK and he is doing something new right across Europe too. I've seen it first hand in many parts of Europe, including Switzerland!

You are part of that same journey and God is going to do something immeasurably more than you can ask or imagine! We pray God's blessing on this new adventure of planting that you are embarked on. I want to encourage you to join in with this plant, knowing that challenges that lie ahead, but assured that the God of the universe is alongside you and within you. Go for it and tell us how you are getting on!

With lots of love and every blessing,

Ric and Louie Thorpe, lead pastors at St Paul's Shadwell, Bishop of London's Advisor for Church Planting, and Tutor in Church planting at St Mellitus.

St Paul's Shadwell | 302 The Highway, London E1W 3DH